Samsonite suitcases: carry on spinners


Good morning and welcome to our meeting with the fashion world. Today we are going to talk about Samsonite v,  well known for its comfort and design, resulting of innovative studies in luggage field.

Cabin size suitcases are the strength of the American brand: functional, comfortable and perfect for airplane travels, hand luggage of Samsonite collection satisfy every traveler’s need.

Samsonite suitcases of cabin size are available in hard shell or soft fabric: called hardside suitcases, this luggages are featured with an innovative hard material called “Curv”, a strong and resistant polycarbonate produced in order to be very light and elastic. This Samsonite cabin size suitcases, of the famous Cosmolite collection, is spacious and comfortable with its 4 wheels and TSA closure.

Regarding softside luggage, Samsonite suitcases offers a wide range of models characterized by resistance and capaciousness as most important features: with a rational internal organization and functional pockets, Samsonite suitcases of B-Lite collection are perfect travel companions.

These two elements are essential for travelling, especially for plane ones, where size and weight of  hand luggage have precise limits. Why sacrifice the choice of the luggage content when you can choose a Samsonite suitcase light and wide?

The inner space organization, divided by a lining composed by compartments and straps, makes more pleasant placing clothes in the suitcase; the silent wheels facilitate the movements, further making even more easier the transport of the luggage, already made lighter by elastic and resistant material.

The great assortment of Samsonite suitcases doesn’t ends here, a lot of various models are available: from cabin size to large luggage, from two wheels to 4, Samsonite suitcases satisfy every need.

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