Samsonite spinner around the world #2

trolley samsonite

Spinner Samsonite’s trip around the world continue: trusted adventure companion, Samsonite luggage offers a wide range of models, that allows a humorous match between world capitals and suitcases.

Samsonite spinner of Cosmolite collection at Rome

Samsonite Cosmolite spinnerFor the eternal city the strength of the Samsonite luggage is perfect: Samsonite spinner of Cosmolite collection is at the top of the assortment because of the innovative Curv material that makes Samsonite spinners of this collection elastic and lightweight. The original and particular design of Samsonite spinner of Cosmolite is perfect for the Rome glamorous style, for a touch of style  also in travelling.

Samsonite spinner of B-Lite collection at Berlin

Samsonite spinner B-LiteCosmopolite and multicultural, Berlin represent one of the most vital cities in the world, all to taste and discover walking along streets full of history. The best luggage for the beating heart of Germany is Samsonite spinner of B-Lite collection. Young, capacious and resistant, Samsonite spinners B-Lite are perfect for urban adventure thanks to the lightweight of the strong fabric used and the solid internal structure.

Samsonite spinner of Ultimo-Cabin collection at Wien

Samsonite Ultimocabin spinnerEuropean capital of classic music, Wien is one of the most romantic cities in the world, ready to welcome tourists with its usual elegance. For a stylish trip like this, Samsonite spinners of Ultimo Cabin collection are the top, keeping safety the wardrobe with the adequate protection thanks to the rigid structure and the innovative rigid frontal pocket, totally new for a hardside suitcase. Samsonite spinner of Ultimo Cabin are equipped with 4 wheels, according to every traveler occasion…even a waltz dance.

Samsonite spinners of Lite-Locked collection at New York

Samsonite Lite-Locked spinnerThe Big Apple is one of the most desirable capitals in terms of travel and vacation, travelers aren’t certainly intimidated by the complexity that involves an oversea trip. Samsonite spinner of Lite-Locked collection is perfect for this kind of journey because the triple TSA locking system. TSA is the only one locking system allowed by US customs, as only the airport staff has the mechanism suitable to opening the baggage without security risk for its content. Lightweight and durable, hard side Samsonite spinner of Lite-Locked collection seems calibrated to the city that never sleeps, as faithful mate of every adventure.

Our journey ends here, but is just a goodbye. Samsonite spinner are ready to every destination: whether a capital, a beach country or a mountain site, the wide range of Samsonite spinners will satisfy every need.