The Bridge at the Berlin International Fashion Trade Show


In the last few days The Bridge has been one of the protagonists of Premium International Fashion Trade Show of Berlin, one of the most important events of the German city in fashion and lifestyle sector.

The event takes place twice a year,  one during the Berlin Fashion Week, inside the largest exhibition halls of the city: inside 23000 square meters of exhibition space the International Fashion Trade Show attracts more than 60.000 visitors and over 1.500 collection shows.

Founded in 2003, the Premium International Fashion Trade Show has a basic philosophy very clear and precise, based on the high quality regardless of the resonance of the brands gathered for the event: each exhibition has been organized almost in the same way, leaving out music or particular recognizable furniture.

Starting from a minimal project characterized by great aspirations, the event has become a reference point for fashion in Europe and around the world, making even as a springboard for promising young designers, who competing to the prestigious Premium Young Designers Award, for new rising fashion stylists.

Near the emerging designers, during the event stand out the big names of high fashion in the world, collecting in one place all the protagonists of the fashion sector, at the highest  level possible.

The Premium International Fashion Trade Show is the only exhibition for international fashion to pick the best of fashion industry and lifestyle in such quantity and quality, enclosing in one huge exhibition space fashion trends for the coming years: from men and women fashion to denim style, from shoes to jewelry, the slogan is quality, thus providing visitors the best overview possible of international fashion world.

The Berliner event allows contacts between suppliers and customers in a direct and new way, leaving the trappings of appearance and exposing the real quality behind each brand. Just for the basic philosophy of the event, the exhibition is reserved for suppliers, exhibitors, buyers and press representatives.


In such a context, The Bridge has collect a particular success, showing exclusively the collection for seasons to come, characterized by the perfect combination of quality and design.

In recent years we are witnessing the increasing expansion of the Tuscan brand in the world, revealing the passion of international fashion for made in Italy: also at Expo 2015 in Milan, The Bridge has met great resonance, being in a perfect setting to emphasize its quality and design while keeping an eye on the exaltation of the genuine.

The new handbags collections confirm the trend of the brand, offering models characterized by a very high level of quality and design. The British style echoes of The Bridge is interpreted from collection to collection in many different and interesting ways, creating models destined to become real must have of the season.

The leather, treated according to the tradition of Tuscan craftsmanship with the use of vegetable oils and finished with the roll of amber, is still the mainstay of future collections, declined according to new and original shapes and shades, ready to amaze every fan of leather.