Samsonite and the evolution of the luggage

samsonite luggage

Suitcase is an indispensable accessory, faithful companion of our travels and our holidays. Over time we have seen the quickly evolving of the concept of luggage, in step with industrial innovation progress but not just that.

Since the time of the Greeks and Romans saddle bags were very common, made of leather or raw canvas, suitable to contain the bare essentials for few travel days; these prehistoric bags were often carried on shoulder or fixed on the side harnesses of horses. For longer journeys by land and sea, were already in common use heavy trunks in bronze and wood, also used to contain battle equipment during wars.

Over the years the concept of trunk evolved towards lighter and handy versions, in the ‘800 the bulky luggage was sided by the hat box, an hard case designed originally to keep hats, equipped with a small handle for easy transport.

The hat box can be considered the real ancestor of the suitcase used by our grandparents, hard or soft luggage transportable only with one handle and closed with straps. Later, this kind of luggage has been equipped with two wheels, due the hard weight to transport just with the force of the arms.

With the spread of airplane travel, trunks leaves the scene, being relegated to travel with four-wheeled vehicles. The introduction of the airplane in our lives have inevitably marked the evolution of the baggage itself, which in the second half of ‘900 has changed shape, adapting to the new means of travel.

The aid of the wheels becomes the fundamental feature of the luggage, the transport of the suitcase is made more comfortable by an expandable top handle: the horizontal luggage becomes vertical, more comfortable and practical.

With the introduction of restrictions in terms of weight and size of low cost airlines, luggage industries have introduced smaller luggage, perfect to be stored in the seat racks. The classic dimensions cm 40x55x20 have become a benchmark for air travel, fundamental to keep in mind during holidays or vacations.

Next to the dimensions of the luggage, the materials also changed significantly, by virtue of greater resistance and lightness. In addition to the 500 denier nylon, elastic and resistant, rigid plastic makes shells ultra light, strong and flexible.

samsonite-baggageSpeaking of evolution of materials, it is impossible not to mention Samsonite, a brand that has made technological vanguard of luggage its strength. Among the innovations of the American company, Curv materials stands out for its revolutionary reach. This new technology consists in a new kind of material realized with polypropylene woven like a real tissue, allowing great resistance, flexibility and lightness at the same time.

Samsonite in one of the top companies in baggage sector, offering carry-on luggage ready to satisfy every traveler’s need: whether upright or spinner, soft-side or hard-side, Samsonite luggage are equipped with spacious internal organization, TSA United States approved closures and silent wheels able to rotate of 360°.

From the trunks of the Ancient Greece to the four-wheeled hand luggage of polypropylene, the evolution of suitcases has closely followed the history of the fundamental elements of our society, such as clothing, transports and industry, giving a tangible result of world progress.