5 ideal luggage for 5 trip

Trolley American Tourister

Whatever the destination you want to reach, the type of trip you want to take, foreign, exotic or cultural destinations, travel is never a point of arrival but is always a starting point for an experience that will leave a mark regardless of the destination you choose. Jack Kerouac, one of the major and most important US writers of the twentieth century, said: “Our suitcases were again piled on the sidewalk, we had a long way to go, but no matter, the road is life.” We are also convinced that only the road, only the journey can change and improve the individual who chooses to take it and with him a suitcase, a luggage that can accompany him during the journey discoverying and experiencing. But how to choose the ideal baggage when we can only confine ourselves to imagine what we are going to meet? First, you need to organize the trip, choose the type and plan the stop. After that we could choose the ideal luggage. Watchword: QUALITY.  Yes It’s,  because when it comes to baggage, suitcases, or backpacks, quality is synonymous with endurance, robustness and reliability, the indispensable criteria for choosing our travel companion.

Business trip

The business trip cannot be defined as a real trip, because it is definitely different from the classic vacation. From accommodation to stay, to luggage and many other variables, this type of travel has to be planned with great care. The indispensable companion of every business trip is the pilot case that with Piquadro in the Blue Square and Samsonite with the Spark SNG line touches the highest levels of functionality, design and space. Another basic ally is the garment bag perfectly matched to the pilot cases for both Samsonite and Piquadro, equipped with pockets and compartments that will help you to keep your dresses ready for the away meetings in Milan.

Couple travel

Bagaglio Samsonite della linea CosmoliteFirst duty, then pleasure, someone would say. So it is time to devote yourself to your wife or husband for a relaxing and carefree holiday. Whether you are heading to Miami or chose a romantic cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, the classic medium or large trolley is certainly the best choice for a trip to style and comfort. Samsonite Cosmolite is certainly the answer you were looking for, with its medium trolley , large and cabin will accompany you during all the stages of your trip in the company of the person you love.

Trip on the road

It is well known that traveling on the road is not suitable for everyone. It is difficult to relax and often the time available is not necessary to visit all the steps we have been assigned to. However, we are convinced that everything depends on the perfect luggage. First of all, the backpack, a loyal companion for all fast travel. Herschel backpacks and Roncato backpacks, for example, are cleverly designed to allow space to be 100% functional to carry everything you need. Even the K-way and Weekender of The Bridge bags will know you are the perfect companion during all the stops from Chicago to the Santa Monica beaches on Route 66.

Family vacations

Who said travels should end when the children born? A perfect organization, the choice of the most suitable destination and luggage accommodation will be the keys to the journey in the best way. American Tourister thinks of them to the youngest, offering a collection of luggage dedicated to Disney characters, not forgetting the elder ones with suitcases, bags and backpacks suitable for transporting any goods needed for you and your little ones, and we know well they are never too many.

Rimowa luggage

Luxury travel

When children grow up, work commitments diminish and wilder destinations are already being visited, treat yourself with something special, something you can call it: luxury. Private jets flying over the skies of Singapore, Pacific islands or Pacific atolls, dream locations or unique experiences, whatever your destination you choose for your exclusive voyage Rimowa will be at your side. Rimowa luggage is known around the world for their technical perfection and unique style, being one of the most prestigious luggage brands in the world. The Topas line, for example, is characterized by an aluminum and magnesium shell and is the symbol of a brand that will never cease to astonish
The journey, makes the last summer heat of September almost bearable, the fatigue of work and everyday stress. The choice of luggage in this is crucial because it is as important as the memories we carry in our suitcase.

Traveling, exploring, discovering and knowing never-seen places is an experience that every man should live and to do so must have beside a baggage that is up to the effort or even the desire to discovery.