The evolution of the men’s wallet


The men’s wallet has always been an accessory that has the task of keeping cash, documents and credit cards all essential elements for everyday life. Its birth and the beginnings of its history lead us back to the time until the 12th century, the period leading to the birth of the first banknotes. Before that time, to carry coins, values and exchange letters, ancestors of modern banknotes, men of the time used bags whose passers-by were inserted in their belts or simply carried on shoulder.
The Bridge wallet The first examples of a men’s wallet were made of equine or beef leather and were simply provided with pockets for storing banknotes. A fundamental evolution took place in the 1950s, when the wallet was enriched by additional pockets and slots ready to host credit cards, a symbol of a new payment method.
Its design has remained almost unchanged until the end of the 20th century when the lira has left its place to the euro, marking an epochal change also in the scenario of small leather goods.
As you can see, today, we will talk about men wallet and its evolution, because every man has his wallet ideal and it varies according to the tastes and needs of each.
Let us be involved with a world of quality and meticulous details that make the men’s wallet a vital and indispensable accessory.
The Bridge manufactures leather wallets according to the most ancient tannic traditions and the most demanding craftsmanship and are made of natural tanned leather, a symbol of high quality, attention to detail and absolutely Made in Italy. The complete wallet, still among the bestsellers within Italian leather goods, features a double compartment, a transparent document holder, credit card slots, and coin holder.
For lovers of skin, colors and combined use of these two materials we can not cite Piquadro and its wide assortment of leather goods. Two posters of Piquadro’s mission are the Blue Square line and the P16 line, different for the use of materials, albeit identical in the choice of the quality of the latter. Blue Square wallets are made of mineral tanned calfskin that keeps the beauty of the skin unaltered. Cutting edge are hand-painted in blue, distinctive and highly recognizable. The P16 line combines leather and fabric perfectly, creating a modern wallet and a young style thanks to details in green camouflage.
Samsonite coin holder Tacco
The evolution of the container for banknotes and coins is closely linked to the evolution of the currency itself. The fundamental step, as we have already said, has been the transition from the lira to the euro which has led to exponential growth of the size and model of the purse. Some examples are Samsonite‘s “tacco” wallet, Piquadro’s “vaschetta” and “scivolo” purse, and The Bridge’s pac pac wallet, which takes its name from the onomatopoetic sound reproduced by its snap closure.
Great evolution of payment systems and therefore also in the shapes and sizes of wallets was definitely the adoption spasmodic payments everyday credit card and hence the need to equip all wallets with a lot of compartments formed for cards. In this context, SpaceWallet, I-clip and Secrid are very trendy, they carry coins, carry cards and carry all the banknotes in very small spaces with unique and unmatched style.
The men wallet, therefore, is perhaps the man-made accessory, whose role and design has changed over time adapting to men and the metamorphosis of time, space and money.