New colors for American Tourister Bon Air Luggage


When you were a child what did you want to be?

I always wanted to be an actress. It was my first game in kindergarten, and I grew up wanting to entertain people. I keep on pursuing that dream.

So he answered Lacey Claire Rogers to the post request from the journalist Natalia Bonifacci in 2016 for the online magazine Redmilk.

Today, Lacey is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world of the web and is also one of the most important testimonials of a fresh, original and young brand. We are talking about American Tourister.

american tourister carry-onYou can see it, in fact, photographed with the new luggage of the Bon Air line, available in the colors of blue and light blue and in the brand new colors of orange and pink. All the American Tourister luggage of the Bon Air line is equipped with 4 swivel wheels that rotate perfectly at 360° in any direction for fluid and easy movements.

On each suitcase there is a multi-stop double-tube that can be adjusted and locked on 3 different heights, resulting, therefore, perfectly suited to travelers of any height and physicality. In addition, both on the side and on the top of the luggage, there is an extendable carrying handle so that it can be carried by hand, if necessary.

Externally, the rigid shell is made of 100% polypropylene with a double texture in shiny and anti-scratch fabric, this will prevent your items of clothing or your belongings from being damaged or crushed and your luggage from getting scratched.

american tourister luggage insideThe use of this material confers, certainly to these bags strength and endurance. The suitcase closes with a zipper with double pull and the TSA 3-digit closure mounted on the side.

The Bon Air line is offered in 3 sizes: cabin, medium and large luggage. Although it is a collection of rigid suitcases, the weight remains quite contained leaving, therefore, the possibility to put inside a greater weight for your personal belongings. In fact, it varies from 4.2 kg for big baggage, to 3.4 kg for medium and just 2.5 kg for the cabin luggage.

On the side there are, also, three rubberized feet studs that give stability to the suitcase when is held on one side, while, on the back of the baggage you will already have the tag inserted where to insert your address, name and surname, without the need to go to buy.

Thanks to the presence of the 4 silent and multi-directional wheels, the capacity of movement is greatly facilitated, even if the luggage is weighed down.

Inside the suitcase there are some compartments dedicated to smaller objects. The main compartment has a side zip pocket and 2 elastic straps that will keep your clothes tight and prevent creases from forming. The interior is provided with a fabric lining inside the main compartment with a zip opening.

All the American Tourister  Bon Air luggage is strong, durable and super-colored, with an excellent quality-price ratio. For these and many other reasons you will never regret having chosen them.