Samsonite professional backpacks, guarantee of unmatched comfort, safety and resistance

Samsonite Turris

Over the years, Samsonite has established itself in the luggage and travel bags sector thanks to the creation of state-of-the-art accessories dedicated to a constantly evolving sector of travel. The brand knows how few others, in fact, responds to the needs of a very specific sector and above all more and more modern to welcome within its panorama of heterogeneous customers and of all ages.

Part of the innovative range of Samsonite backpacks suitable for the world of travel, business and the entire business travel sector are the Spectrolite 2.0 collection, the Network 3 collection and the Turris collection. All three of these lines respond to the technological and style developments of the brand. All backpacks of these lines have therefore adapted to the size of the latest models of laptops and tablets and also offer sufficient space for other business and professional needs such as pen organizers and smartphone pockets. This makes these three collections ideal for both students and young professionals.

Network 3 collection

Samsonite Network 3 backpack
The functional bags of the Network 3 collection have a soft and fashionable look thanks to the use of timeless colors and orange accents; The lightweight material, the sturdy handles and the ergonomic and performing shoulder straps. All models are extremely comfortable thanks to the sturdy back panel and the padded shoulder straps themselves. You can choose from three different sizes of backpacks, depending on the size of your laptop. The material in which they are organized with a front panel organized with two zip pockets, business organization, a See-Thru net pocket and Key Fix system. Network 3 is characterized by a soft, thin and light line and introduces a new design and an even more effective internal organization. With its vibrant colors and its business features, it is the perfect accessory for those who are always on the go.

Spectrolite 2.0 collection

Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 backpack
The Samsonite Spectrolite 2.0 collection offers practical partners for both the office and short business trips. All the backpacks of the line have an essential design and very practical functions, without sacrificing style. The latest models of laptops and tablets can be transported without worries thanks to the innovative functions and above all thanks to the perfect organization of the spaces. Spectrolite 2.0, as you can understand from its name, is the evolution of the antecedent Spectrolite and presents itself with a new design and new features, confirming its great resistance. The collection has larger dimensions and volumes, in line with today’s needs and style, to better accommodate the most advanced devices.
Inside the backpacks of the line are organized thanks to a suitable laptop compartment called Perfect FitTM, perfect for the latest computer models, and for all tablet models. The practical pockets in the net are made with the See-ThruTM system, while the Easy Pass System will help you manage the cables of the chargers which, crossing the various compartments of the bag, will allow you to charge the electronic devices without removing them from the bag. Obviously, each backpack is provided, on the back of the model, with a Smartsleeve that will allow you to attach it to the trolley. Finally, the capacity of the backpack can be easily increased by means of a zip that will guarantee you around 20% more expandability. This line is perfect for all those who demand maximum comfort and safety in a single accessory from their backpack.

Linea Turris

Samsonite Turris backpack
The Turris line of Samsonite backpacks is an innovative and cutting edge line designed for the business world and for business travel. You will be amazed at their durability, functionality and capacity thanks to their easy transformability. Transformability given by the fact that with a simple gesture you can insert the shoulder straps inside a pocket, making the bag a work bag. The first compartment opens completely as a baggage and for this reason it is provided with spaces and compartments closed with zippers and pockets that are so many as to allow you to take it on the road with the same comforts of a twenty-four hours. The second compartment, however, is equipped with a compartment dedicated to the PC housing, through a padded compartment and locked by a Velcro closure.

Every season Samsonite surprises its customers with always new and improved accessories that are able to perfectly mix that world of travel to a world, that of business, in one accessory: the backpack.