10 Fashion Blogger to follow in 2019


The fashion blogging today has become a consolidate phenomenon, and the fashion blogger are real reference points not only in the fashion sector, but also for beauty and lifestyle generally. The advice and point of views of the blogger in the meantime have become indispensable for everyone who loves fashion, and loves to let inspire him/herself for the daily outfit shown on the blog or Instagram profile of the correspondent authors.

For 2019 we have chosen 10 blogs to follow, every single one characterized by an aspect, style or point of view, that is completely unique or particular.

Gabi Fresh

She started blogging in 2008 after graduating college, when she was interested in fashion journalism and wanted to show their writing skills. Meanwhile she doesn’t only do what she loves for a living, thus writing her blog, but is also co-founder of the plus size brand premme.us and has an own lingerie collection, as also a swim collection. Like her style, alos her blog and Instagram are full of colors, patterns and happiness, combined to body positivity and self love.
Gabi Fresh can be found on our list with blogs to follow in 2019 for her ironical fashion journalism and the way she constantly ignores fashion rules, for which one simply has to love her.

Blog: gabifresh.com
Instagram: @gabifresh

Scout Sixteen

In a world of fashion blogs, which talk exclusively about the female fashion, there is also some male face, like the one of Justin Livingston, fashion blogger, creative consultant and freelancer, who loves fancy and free-spirited looks. Beside of the numerous articles about style, travel, food and drink, we especially like his “20 questions with…” and “Music Monday” posts. Based in New York, Justin Livingston also often talks about the three big loves of his live: Whiskey, good times and French Bulldogs.
You absolutely should follow Scout Sixteen in 2019 for his unique perspective and incredible creativity.

Blog: scoutsixteen.com
Instagram: @justinliv


From New York and all over the world Jessica Wang shows us the newest fashion trends. The Chinese American fashion blogger always surprises us with colorful styling advice, galleries and fresh outfit inspirations – all combined to the possibility to directly shop her look on the blog, which is really fun, one time you are getting inspired by her looks.
NotJessFashion should be on your list with blogs for 2019 for her colorful timeline, which brings us to exotic places, full of fashion and different cultures.

Blog: www.notjessfashion.com
Instagram: @notjessfashion


She lets us take a closer look to the backstage on fashion weeks all over the world: Kavita Donkersley has seen them all and lately also did TV adverts for Schwarzkopf, while she loves to talk about fashion, lifestyle and travel. At the same time she has also a keen interest in fitness, beauty and interiors, what makes for the perfect combination of a lot of different inspirations on her blog.
SheWearsFashion is one of the blogs to follow in 2019 for the everyday street style inspirations and new horizons Kavita opens to us.

Blog: www.shewearsfashion.com
Instagram: @shewearsfashion

Work Work Work

She calls herself and her blog an “anti-perfectionism project” against the edited world on Instagram, and because of the many requests she received to this topic, also wrote a book about “Why social media is ruining your life”: Katherine Ormerod is an entrepreneur who writes her blog about fashion, life and career, while also working as stylist and brand consultant.
For 2019 you should follow Work Work Work to always get to know about cool and new, but until now unknown brands.

Blog: www.workworkwork.co
Instagram: @katherine_ormerod

Pernille Teisbaek

Stylist, co-founder and creative director at Social Zoo: Pernille Teisbaek is a real power women, who runs two businesses, works as creative director and now is also pregnant. We love the Danish fashion blogger for her sleek Scandi-Style in perfection, which she also wrote a book about and that is all about the styling of classical pieces in new ways by adding some small details.
You should follow Pernille Teisbaek in 2019, when you are searching for a classical and strong street style, inspired by pieces, everyone of us already has in the wardrobe.

Instagram: @pernilleteisbaek

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Bisous Natasha

The London based fashion blogger and model Natasha Ndlovu loves soft nude colors like beige, brown and white, which perfectly frame the shade of her skin and black hair and at the same time makes for a beautiful and perfect Instagram timeline. She especially promotes chic, but effortless looking outfits and has a special love for designer handbags, what also shows her incredible collection of those, but also likes to show edgy sportswear.
If you are searching for beauty advice and affordable fashion for everyone, styled in an expensive seaming way, Bisous Natasha is your blog for 2019!

Blog: www.bisousnatasha.com
Instagram: @natashandlovu

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Like the name already foreshadows, Allison Graham is a female Jamaican blogger for menswear: with her love for mixed patterns and men’s clothes inspired by the classic chic European menswear, Allison brings fresh air to the fashion world. Perfectly in line with this inspiration, she expresses her dislike for labels and limitations in what a person can wear, showing us, that everything is possible.
Follow her in 2019 for a fashion without borders and learn to feel free to wear what you want.

Blog: www.allisongrahamwardrobe.com
Instagram: @shedoeshim

Samantha Maria

She is famous for always including some affordable, accessible items, but at the same time for her endless love to expensive designer handbags: Samantha Maria is a Youtuber and fashion blogger with a degree in fashion styling, and thus an expert for personal style inspirations, beauty advice and looksbooks. With her cute and lovable nature in combination with often colorful styles and the flower tattoo on her left arm, she reaches to convince everyone.
Samantha Maria is one of the blogs to follow in 2019 for their helpful and useful advice fashion, style and beauty, while always staying true to herself.

Blog: www.samanthamariaofficial.com
Instagram: @samanthamariaofficial

Man Repeller

Written by the Turkish Iranian Jewish descent Leandra Medine, the blog Man Repeller is vivid, funny and full of irony and jokes. She defines her word man repeller as a person who “explores the expansive constellation of things women care about from a place of openness and humor, with the conviction that an interest in fashion doesn’t minimize one’s intellect”. All this is combined with a natural style and a lot of body positivity.
in 2019 Man Repeller is one of our recommended blogs, because of the beautiful, often over-sized and always positive style.

Blog: www.manrepeller.com
Instagram: @manrepeller