Le Pandorine: all eyes… on the new F/W 2018-19 collections!


Le Pandorine is back, more cheekier than ever! For the fall/winter 2018-2019 the brand known for the feminine phrases, characterized by the irony and inventiveness, takes to extremes the season’s trends with details destined to not pass unobserved.

Made of fur, snake skin inserts and particular details, the bags from Le Pandorine of the new collection maintain the style of their phrases, which build a feminine ideal, which knows her characteristics and is proud of it, able to look at every single aspect with irony. While the Classic collection continues to be present with an ample choice of shopping bags of a risky and colorful style, the fall-winter 2018-19 brings big news, confirming in this way the brand’s tendency to experiment with always more adventurous materials and colors, while still maintaining firm the tradition of the ironical phrases on the front, side or even on the strap of some bags.

Le Pandorine Eyes small backpackThe collection, that really meets the eye (and the choice of this word is not a case), is the Eyes collections, characterized by bags and accessories, which present on the front of every model two large eyes with eyelashes, eyebrows and gold-colored metallic details: framed by zip closures and details which build the form of a sympathetic face, the eyes of the backpacks from Le Pandorine move to make the whole model with the movement of the pupils even more inventive.

This collection’s backpacks present a simple design in combination with a multiplicity of always new details, and are made of quilted fabric, velvet, Scottish tartan, suede material or fur, and even of glitter! To the new materials are added also sophisticated colors like petrol, violet or bronze: the complex result is a surprising collection within all circumstances, obviously with phrases of the “Eyes” topic! The backpacks of the Eyes collection fit perfectly for all women who want to rough up their outfit not only with inventiveness, but also with playfulness: the rotating eyes and the forms of the backpacks clearly remember the faces of cartoons, or small shy and curious owls.

The brand also offers other versions of backpacks, both small and of larger dimensions, always experimenting with the contrast of colors and materials: in this way the small accessories made of nylon with quilted effect are enriched by glittering handles or details made of gold-colored chromed metal, while the backpacks with flower pattern flap instead alternates with metallic inserts and fur borders. The incredible variety of typologies and collections lets thus assume, that the backpacks continue to represent one of the strengths within the accessories from Le Pandorine, whose cheeky style results particularly fitting to the forms of the backpacks. Le Pandorine small backpacks

Another interesting collection we want to have a look at, is Audrey: it presents small handbags with front flap, characterized by a bow at one of the handles. The phrases in this case are written on the removable bow, to give to possibility to wear the bag with or without it. Also in this case there are different materials: protagonists are velvet and glittering fabric, structures, that particularly fit to the rectangular form and the small dimensions of the models. Also the patterns have a fundamental role within this collection, following geometrical forms which fit to the firm and structured design of this bags dedicated to chic women. Le Pandorine Audrey bag

Completely different is the Week Bag collection with shopping bags from Le Pandorine, which like the name already foreshadows is dedicated to the days of the week: Saturday and Sunday are obviously the bags to which the brand dedicates the most irony, adding also the iconic day “Smonday”, which is defined on the bag itself in this way: “Smonday is the moment of Sunday when you realize that tomorrow is a Monday”. And to be honest, who doesn’t know this feeling?

Le Pandorine detailAlso this season the clutch can’t be missing, equipped with removable strap to be carried around in the hand or with the wrist belt: while the popular phrases on the front of every bag directly meet the eye, what characterizes most the clutch of this collection are the materials, like we have already seen with the backpacks, and this year they are the leading part: Scottish tartan, wool, laminated and brilliant materials, rivets and velvet are only some of the main actors, for a particularly inventive evening look, but also for every day. It is not a case that one of the strongest collections with clutch is called Everyday, what lets assume the brand’s will to revolutionize the everyday look of the lovers of Le Pandorine with chic, happy and cheeky models.

This Everyday collection also offers large satchel bags of particularly soft forms for a comfortable transport, equipped with large outer and inner pockets: for everyone who loves to bring with him everything necessary for every day but even more, this bags are destined to become a real must have, also thanks to the particularity of the offered materials and the colors, which can perfectly be combined to every winter style.

Apropos cheeky and inventive, we can’t help but talk about the new entry within the collections of Le Pandorine accessories: the umbrella bags! The Rain Bag accessories are realized as real umbrella covers made of PVC, but obviously follow the Le Pandorine style: the models are available in black, silver and gold colors, equipped with a really chic strap made of gold-colored chain and of course the bags already present an umbrella on the inside. The never missing phrases are obviously about the rain, to confront the bad weather with the right style.

We conclude this small summary of the new collections from Le Pandorine by putting attention on the comeback of the special edition dedicated to the characters of the Peanuts! Snoopy the dreamer and the cynically Lucy come back to decorate the front of the accessories in this collection, for a flashback to the romantic and inventive childhood. The small bags indeed evokes the playful and feminine part of everyone of us, with their form which is similar to the mini-shopping bag of a structured design and enriched by glitter, relief inserts and tassels. Le Pandorine Peanuts

Le Pandorine for the fall/winter 2018-2019 has the intention to surprise with untypical details, unusual materials, as also cheeky and inventive phrases. Colorful, brilliant and full of glamour: with the bags from Le Pandorine the winter becomes a real feast … for the eyes!