Coccinelle Spring/Summer 2019: daringness and elegance

Coccinelle Spring/Summer 2019: daringness and elegance

The summer season is not even close but the fashion brands already let us dream about summer thanks to the new collections with light and flowing outfits for warm august nights.

The bags from Coccinelle are available in always different style, design and colors, perfect for every kind of women, for every occasion and every look: obviously the brand’s refined and elegant style is indispensable within all circumstances.Coccinelle Atsuko

There is one characteristic all collections with women’s bag from Coccinelle of Spring/Summer 2019 have in common, and this is the care for the detail: every item is characterized by a small particular element which perfectly fits to the bags elegance and simpleness, but sometimes the brand adds some really creative detail destined to not pass unobserved.

Within the summary of the most sophisticated items for this summer, we can’t help but start with the Beta collection which offers a bag design particularly loved during winter – the vertical hobo bag – whose monochromacity is enriched by the silver-colored fabric on top of the item, which thanks to the combination to the white leather offers millions of possibilities to be combined with clothes and other accessories .vertical hobo bag Coccinelle

An other eye-catching detail can be found in the collection called Concrete Studs, which as the name already foreshadows offers steel-colored metallic studs long the borders on everys handbag’s front and back: in combination with the monochrome leather, the studs emphasize even more the refined style of this collection, which we have already seen during the last winter, but which this summer is definitely destined to meet the eye with colors as the one called Alien Green.Handbag Coccinelle

This bright green color can be found also in other collection of this brand for this summer, in combination with different materials and designs: this is the case with the Liya Suede collection, made of soft suede leather with detail made of gold-colored chromed metal to lend the best elegance to every single item.

And if the color Alien Green is not already enough for you, there is also a variation with striped pattern in the colors orange and black, making part of the collections B14 and Sirio. The B14 collection since ever represents one of the strongest collections of this brand, with its typical rectangular shape and the large element made of gold-colored chromed metal on the front of every bag. The linear aspect is often combined to adventurous prints and colors, as in this specific case the multicolored diagonal stripe pattern on the item’s whole surface. Different is the Sirio collection with Mini Bags from Coccinelle, small bags of rounded design perfectly fitting for free time and summer parties: and the different colors are emphasized even more by the small black pocket on the front of every bag, which underlines the shape of the bag itself.

Crossbody bag Coccinelle

A small, beautiful variation of the Mini Bag is the crossbody bag in rectangular shape, characterized by the double front flap, which of course is designed in two different color shades: white and red, beige and cream, yellow and light blue are the offered couples to immediately make us dream about summer and warm evenings during holidays.Minibag Coccinelle

The bicolored element is an other strength of the women’s bags from Coccinelle for this season: of course the combination of black and white is a classic one, but in base of different combinations it can become really creative: this This also applies to the collections called Dione and Farisa, which offer extremely sober and elegant items, but get a particular touch thanks to the combination of black and white. The Dione collection offers monochrome shopping bags in white, whose lower part is designed in black; the Farisa collection instead frames the borders of every bag (with already rectangular shape) as if it was a picture on the wall to create a playful geometrical effect, which is elegant at the same time.

For all women who don’t love to exaggerate with small details, Coccinelle offers an ample choice of women’s bags and accessories of a sober and elegant taste, declined in the typical summer colors and of course in the classy colors black and brown: the small backpacks available for this summer are a clear example with their soft shape, ideal for every day from work to free time.

The season SS19 includes also the comeback of famous classics with accessories from Coccinelle as the collections Atsuko, Fauve, Keyla and obviously Arlettis, with its sophisticated design which can’t be missing on a summer party in the variation “total white”.

If it is about white, light blue or bright multicolor, for this summer Coccinelle doesn’t renounce surprising all fashion lovers with its refined but daring and creative style at the same time.