New brand: Armani Exchange

New brand: Armani Exchange

Fresh, metropolitan and contemporary: this is the style of the bags and accessories from Armani Exchange, which conquered all fashion lovers with their particular look and affordable price.

Armani Exchange is founded in 1991 by Giorgio Armani with the idea to create a collection with clearly young style to maintain the brand’s soul of haute couture. The modern sensibility and the clearly defined target (young people living in town, always in movement, and who crave for an accessory to bring for every occasion) made the brand particularly loved from the early beginnings on, and today it is a real must have within affordable fashion.

Crossbody-bag Armani ExchangeThe Armani Exchange collections of the Spring-Summer season in 2019 incarnate the brand’s vivid and pop style by using strong but at the same time perfect details for every moment during day and night. This characteristic can be particularly seen within the women’s bags and accessories, a sector which definitely reaches to experiment at its best with fantasy and design: the guiding theme of the women’s bags from Armani Exchange is to surprise with small details or a creative touch, perfect to loosen up every kind of look.

The first characteristic of the Armani Exchange bags in SS19 is the varnish, declined in different typologies of products and styles: beside the shopping bag in classical colors as black, red and blue, the brand experiments with the shiny varnish texture on items characterized by straps, buckles and laces in pastel colors, to create a beautiful contrast with the predominate color black. This is the case for the hobo bag and shopping bag, both characterized by the creative combination of colors to meet the eye with a chic and young style, for all lovers of this brand: the hobo bag for example offers on the sides buckles in pale rose color, while the strap is designed in turquoise, to use typical colors of the extremely young fashion for a creative and sophisticates contrast with the bags body in varnished total black.

Hobo bag Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange abandons the pastel colors to concentrate on rainbow shades with some items in sober colors as black and brown, to loosen up their look with extremely colorful designs: the brand’s shopping bags for example represent a sleek and clear design enriched by handles with emblem printed in different colors. The hobo bags and backpacks instead shop up with primary colors long the sides, as small details to reward every attentive observer with a beautiful color effect.

Backpack Armani ExchangeArmani Exchange is going from one extreme to the other and thus this summer offers items characterized by a real must have of this season, the black&white, always reinterpreted in different and creative ways: the bicolored shopping bags and backpacks from Armani Exchange are distinguished by the emblem’s initials on the front of every item in alternate colors (black on white background or white on black background) to generate in this way a particular look on every item with care for every small detail together with a simple and linear design, which lets enough space to both colors.

Shoulder bag Armani Exchange

For the men’s fashion instead Armani Exchange offers a linear and simple style emphasized by small casual and young elements to underline also in the male variations the characteristics we have already seen within the women’s collections: also for the shoulder bags and backpacks the emblem is predominant, even if in a different way. The all-over emblem print on the whole surface of the shoulder bags or the AX pressed with heat on the surface of business bags and backpacks are main elements and can be recognized in all summer collections of this brand, distinguished by a minimalist style perfect for every kind of outfit and occasion. Ideal for the office, traveling and also free time are the backpacks and shoulder bags from Armani Exchange, which satisfy all necessities of young metropolitan people to bring all high-tech accessories indispensable for every day with the right dose of glamour and functionality.

Also for the men’s accessories the variety of colors is important, as in the case of the shoulder bag in dark blue with bright blue details or belts with stripes or double-face.

Creative and a little bit provocative, the Armani Exchange accessories fit perfectly to a contemporary and urban look, dedicated to those who love to wear extraordinary fashion from an iconic fashion brand.