Traveling with children: impulses and hints

Traveling with children: impulses and hints

Traveling and discovering new places is always a positive experience, even more when this project is shared with the most loved persons, the own children.

Beside the complexity of the logistical aspect when traveling with the smaller ones, it is a pleasant experience not only for the parents, who can share this occasion with their children, but also for the infants themselves, who are full of curiosity, fantasy and able to adapt to always new and interesting situations.

There are a lot of hints on how to organize and especially make the journey with small kids more comfortable. The suggestions are especially about destination, the kind of luggage and obviously the means of transport, which normally include the most important questions for all parents.

Basically the secret of the perfect holiday with infants lies in the length fitting to all expectations, flexible and not too complex change of locations and last but not least a destination with interesting attractions for all family members.

Disney backpackLike already foreshadowed one of the fundamental aspects is the kind of luggage to bring for the holiday with the whole family and particularly with children. The solution of a complete luggage set normally is the most effective and comfortable strategy to bring not only the most indispensable objects, but also some additional clothes or personal items, which especially during holidays is always a good idea.

The advantage of a luggage set is the possibility to have three identical suitcases of different dimensions to be used at the same time or separately, depending on the kind of journey, the destination and especially the means of transport: when traveling by ship, train or car it is possible to bring the complete set and even a further bag, while on plane a handluggage in combination with a large check-in suitcase is the best solution.

The small handluggage is not only important to bring all items to the final destination, but also for having everything necessary always close during the whole trip: diapers or new clothes, but also books and some toys for the children to play during the trip are indispensable to make every journey more pleasant and funny. An innovation in the luggage sector is the underseater, a smaller suitcase compared to the traditional handlugge, developed to be placed under the plane’s seat or in smaller places: this kind of suitcase usually is dedicated to all businesspeople but can also be used when traveling with children to have a manageable and not too large suitcase for all circumstances.

RoncatoAnother important aspect is to find a suitcase with enough easy accessible pockets and compartments where to store all travel documents or other small objects: the newest generation of suitcases includes pockets at the sides or even at the item’s top to make the access to all personal objects even more simple. A further innovation is the suitcase with removable front pocket, perfect to be used as backpack or bag where to contain a tablet pc or laptop to entertain the whole family while traveling.

Trolley Disney SamsoniteSo choosing wisely the perfect suitcase for traveling with the whole family is important, but beside the most comfortable and functional choice one should not forget about the fun! Because of this the luggage brands offer happy and colorful ideas dedicated to all traveling kids, declined in handluggage, beauty cases and travel bags with designs that are all about animals, myths and cartoons, to let every trip become a real adventure with a lot of fun. Obviously in this context also the Disney characters can’t be missing and can be found on all kinds of travel accessories loved by all infants, but – we can’t hide it – also by grown-ups.

The ride-on spinner for example are the highest expression of this tendency, ideal to accompany all children while traveling and during longer trips: the ride-on suitcases are equipped with hard shell and wheels on all four sides, while the shape perfectly fits for a small child to sit on the suitcase. This kind of suitcase presents a fillet on the front to be dragged by the parent, with the child sitting on the suitcase! The inside instead presents all typical elements of a classical suitcase and thus offers enough space for all personal items. Unicorns, tigers, bees and zebras accompany your child when traveling, to color up every moment with happiness and fun. Samsonite Dreamrider

Summer is coming and with it also the right moment to start the organization of the next family holiday: and don’t forget to bring everything necessary…especially some fun!