Men’s Polo, must have of this summer

Men's Polo, must have of this summer

By now the polo has become a garment, that can‘t be missing in every man‘s wardrobe and thus fits perfect for the summer. Passepartout to wear under a jumper or also a jacket, the polo is ideal for all occasions that are not asking for a particularly formal look, what makes it the right solution during the warm season.

But what is the story behind the polo? This king of t-shirt got its denomination from the sport of the same name, played by the noble society during the 18th century, who was in need of the right garment for doing sports. In the early 19th century the polo is introduced also for playing tennis and golf and gets more and more famous: within half century it becomes so common, that it is also worn outside the sports fields and the first items can be found on the catwalks for both, men and women.Beverly hills polo club

Recognizable thanks to the collar which identifies the design, the men’s polo can be designed with two or three buttons, zip closure and long or short sleeves. Another distinctive characteristic is the special structure of the cotton which is called piquet and which is distinguished by the small-sized embossed pattern on the whole surface. By now the polos are made also of cotton with classical treatment or even of other materials, but the piquet always stays the ideal choice thanks to the texture which emphasizes the item’s design.

Polo Bevely Hills Polo ClubIn the sector of men’s fashion, nearly every brand presents an own collection with polo shirts as an inherent part of their collection season by season. Let’s start with the brand, which already includes the item’s denomination in its name, obviously we are talking about Beverly Hills Polo Club, which offers different kinds of polo t-shirts. Beside the classic short sleeves and monochrome design, distinguished by the small emblem on the front, the brand also offers items with long sleeves and more glamorous versions with large emblems on the front and numbers on the sleeve. The brand’s offered colors are as numerous as the available designs, with different shades of blue (as typical color for this kind of garment), but also in red, yellow and green for the summer.

Polo FedeliAnother brand which loves polo shirts is Fedeli, which outruns the classical design and offers also a version with long sleeves or long button border, a kind of shirt made of piquet cotton with casual and creative style. Also in this case the colors are numerous, to make every single t-shirt a unique element that can be worn as shirt under a jacket or light jumper, but also in combination with a casual jeans for every day to  create a metropolitan style.

Of a more technical look instead is polo from RRD – Roberto Ricci Designs with slim fit, which experiments with details as the emblem on the sleeve, buttons in contrasting colors or slim colored borders long the outlines. Also Paolo Pecora experiments with stripes to loosen up their variations with elegant and refined color shades.

Polo FilaAnd when talking about experiments, we can’t help but mention Fila, which this season presents polo shirts of a creative and definitely different design: the Fila Polos are available in the classical unicolored version with thin border in contrasting colors or instead, and this is the real news, in a variation made of cotton with striped pattern, while collar and borders are designed in contrast colors, all made of sleek cotton with the brand’s emblem on the front. This item is available in the color white, but also in yellow for an even more sportive and unique style.

Invented as sports wear, the polo conquered all men and women with their versatility and the possibility to be combined to numerous other garments, while always maintaining the casual but at the same time chic style.