News Coccinelle AI 19-20: the warm colors of winter


Our review continues on the anticipations of the winter season and this time it’s up to Coccinelle, which confirms the trends already anticipated with The Bridge regarding the choice of warm colors and the will to play with patterns and materials.

These are in fact the main clues that Coccinelle launches for the winter, which proposes as usual collections of handbags with a taste and style always different while remaining a cornerstone of chic and refined fashion.

coccinelle caramelFirst detail that catches the eye looking at the Coccinelle Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collections is the use of caramel color for both bags and small leather goods. This particular shade, which appears to be placed between a light brown and a yellow, in the past would tend to place itself among the summer colors, instead for some years these warm but clear shades have become true protagonists of winter, thanks to their passepartout tone for every kind of style, from the winter coat to the light spring or autumn dress.

Coccinelle proposes this shade in combination with shoppers, handbags, wallets and even small evening clutches, revolutionizing the idea that this kind of accessory must necessarily be in black (although, of course, the black variant cannot be missed!). The caramel color is also the protagonist of another of the must-have themes of winter, namely the use of multicolor prints on the leather: in fact, for the season the brand proposes a particular print called “Ribbon” that recalls spirals in blue that wrap themselves in dark gray stripes creating a play of shades and a very special optical effect. This print is proposed on bags and small leather goods of different collections, perfect to make each model even more special
Coccinelle Ribbon

Next to the Ribbon, the Tiles print is also introduced, which includes a checkered design in beige on a blue background and, as if it were not already so original enough, the whole culminates in details in purple leather! Also in this case the favorite pairing is the one with the caramel color, in fact the Coccinelle bags and accessories with Tiles print are solid in color along the central part and the patterned check print on the side: the result is an apparently linear bag, sober in its monochrome, but to a careful look will reveal the colorful and original sides!

Zaino Coccinelle NaplakIn addition to playing with colors, the Fall-Winter Coccinelle also delights with materials, introducing Naplak, a type of leather of bovine origin processed in such a way as to obtain a paint effect result but extremely natural and soft. touch, failing to the classic stiff and vinyl effect: the bags, wallets and backpacks of this material will thus be characterized by this sparkling yet soft texture, with a feminine and refined mood above all thanks to the proposed colors, the timeless black and a blue not too dark called “ink”.

This particular leather is used for backpacks, shopping bags, shoulder bags and even the wallet (to complete a shiny and refined look!) And is particularly suitable for versatile women who do not want to give up their femininity and elegance even wearing accessories perfect for every day.

In addition to the new models, Coccinelle for winter proposes again those that have now become the great classics of the brand, such as the Dione collection in soft hammered leather, the simplicity of the Zaniah line bags and shoulder straps and the versatility of the Alpha double handle backpacks. Even the famous Arlettis collection can not miss, in its version with Ribbon print and also the timeless collection of small leather Metallic Soft, which this season also offers wallets with shoulder strap to be worn as a small evening bag..

Coccinelle SirioWith regards to shoulder bags, a separate paragraph cannot but be dedicated to the Sirio collection, which is characterized by extremely small and round-shaped bags: as if these were not small style jewels, these bags are equipped with upper handle and flap with a rounded shape that emphasizes the romantic mood: the collection’s highest expression is the two-tone variant in black and white, which is both chic, feminine, original and fun.

From these small advances we can guess that the Coccinelle winter will be anything but boring, but rather full of joy and imagination, to color the cold season with the style of the brand.