Samsonite news: Lite-Box dresses in aluminum


For the summer 2019 Samsonite gives a big surprise to luggage lovers: it’s the Lite-Box Alu, a collection that recalls the design of the iconic Lite-Box collection but made in exclusive anodized aluminum.

Samsonite Lite-Box Alu

The Samsonite Lite-Box collection is already a must of the brand, which has been on the market for a few seasons and is now one of the most popular Samsonite collections for its modern design and for the accurate and detailed inner organization of each element. For this year Samsonite decides to dare covering the Lite-Box cases with anodized aluminum, that is aluminum treated in order to have a light superficial layer of oxidation with insulating properties.

The classic version of the Lite-Boxes features a woven polypropylene lining (like that of the Cosmolite), already extremely resistant, ideal for luggage destined to travel a lot, but with Lite-Box Alu is reached a higher level of protection and resistance , which only aluminum can supply.

Trolley Samsonite

The Samsonite luggage of the Lite-Box Alu line therefore represent the maximum of the brand’s innovative expression, offering extremely resistant suitcases thanks to the material, the striped design and the reinforced edges. With Lite-Box Alu the contents of the baggage are perfectly protected from knocks but not only: the temperature changes are reduced to a minimum and the internal order is guaranteed by an organization system with compartments, pockets and straps perfect to keep in the correct order every object placed inside the suitcase.

Samsonite luggage black

About the other technical features, Samsonite Lite-Box Alu spinners are equipped with sliding and silent wheels, capable of 360 ° rotation without any effort, two-pipe handle that guarantees maximum maneuverability even in the case of luggage with very large dimensions. To complete the equipment of the baggage there are the snap closures with TSA combination and customizable tag.

Samsonite Lite-Box Alu is dedicated to those who, often traveling, require great functionality from their suitcase: whether they are professionals or experienced travelers, resistance is one of the characteristics that gives greater durability to a luggage, which by definition is inevitably subject to shocks and stresses of various kinds. Anodized aluminum is therefore perfect in this sense, with one more feature: travel after journey the external texture will take on a chic and refined lived appearance, destined to embody the very history of baggage and travel that has experienced firsthand.

Samsonite luggage inner organization

Further deepening the aspect of the internal organization, this consists of fabric dividers, padded and semi-rigid straps and panels in order to facilitate the preparation of the baggage in anticipation of the insertion of elegant clothes, shirts and everything that requires a adequate disposition inside the suitcase to prevent the contents from being crumpled. Even the fabric is an example of refinement, soft and fluffy, perfect for keeping clothing at its best.

The Lite-Box Alu collection includes three sizes of luggage (small, medium and large) and is available in two colors, silver and black, which give the suitcase two very different moods: if the silver color embodies the style of the aluminum suitcase with its metallic texture, black gives the baggage a strong look, ideal for those who like to get noticed even while traveling for the style of their suitcase.

With this line Samsonite therefore aims not only at the needs of functionality and resistance, but also at style, with a combination of texture, material and sophisticated design, ideal for the professional.

Lite-Box Alu is just one of Samsonite’s novelties for the summer 2019, where the brand seems to dare with different materials and styles while maintaining solid lines that have become a staple in the catalog: another gem is offered by the Neopulse Lifestyle collection, which offers a transparent, original and fun hand luggage, perfect for summer. But it is with Lite-Box Alu that Samsonite reaches the hearts of lovers of excellent luggage, offering a collection with maximum performance and impeccable design.