The Bridge News: Fall/Winter 2019-20 collections


We are in the middle of summer but already the first advances are born on what will anticipate us the fashion of women’s bags and business for the next winter season. The first clues come from The Bridge, whose winter collections reserve great surprises and bring the interpretations already proposed during the summer to the highest levels.

Sacca The BridgeEven in winter, in fact, The Bridge plays in a marked and declared way with the combinations of textures and colors, a trend already proposed during the summer with the Palmaiola and Elba collections. Maximum interpretation is the Ognissanti line, which offers women’s bags with a particularly versatile taste: the shoppers, shoulder bags and handbags of this collection are characterized by the use of different types of leather joined together, creating a striped texture with real leather processing changes. The soft hammered leather, the timeless amber-worked leather and the sophisticated suede leather are thus enclosed in a single bag, characterized by a pleasant contrast to the touch and shades: the different leather, in fact, shows itself with nuances different though the color is the same, thus creating an extremely particular “striped” end result.

A further detail of the Ognissanti collection, which should not go unnoticed (in every sense!) Is the small oval mirror in chrome-plated steel that hangs from the handle of the bag in combination with a decorative suede tassel: this element not only gives a decorative touch to The Bridge bags, indeed! Thanks to this small mirror every woman will be able to check her make-up or her hairstyle in any circumstance, not having to look for her own cosmetic bag inside the bag but having just this object of beauty at hand.

The Ognissanti collection and its particularity allow us to propose models with a simple aesthetic but emphasized by the play of materials: in addition to shoppers and backpacks, the fall-winter collection offers a shoulder strap with the end folded forward like a flap, and a small-sized bucket with a pretty upper handle and an additional shoulder strap for different portability. These are fanciful and cute models, perfect for reviving every winter look.
Borsa The Bridge Vallombrosa

Another collection destined to become a must for the winter is the Vallombrosa, available in two variants: one in smooth leather and the other in hammered leather. A common feature of both variants is the use of raised stitching and leather ribbons along the ends of the models or at the base of the handles, a small feature that gives a touch of country style to the proposed models. Speaking of models, with Vallombrosa The Bridge introduces a type of shoulder bag with a very special shape, vaguely reminiscent of a vintage bag. This deliberately retro but contemporary style follows the trend of the Gorgone and Capraia summer collections, in an even more unusual and original variant despite its echoes with a 60s flavor.

Borsa The Bridge ConsumaIn opposition to the rounded lines of Vallombrosa is the distinctly squared design of the Consuma collection, which instead offers structured models with a particularly elegant and chic appearance, emphasized by small burnished metal studs that give a pleasant touch of light to small bags and accessories collection leather goods.

Zaino The Bridge TrebbioThe Bridge Fall/Winter 2019-2020 previews also concern the business world: the Trebbio collection recalls the Capalbio proposed this summer with a simpler and minimal taste emphasized by vertical relief stitching. The backpacks and business bags of the collection are therefore characterized by this very particular frontal detail, ideal for those who love a simple and linear style with a refined and elegant touch.

Once we have reviewed the preview collections for the F/W 2019-20, let’s go to the colors: leather and black hold the absolute primacy, achieved by the cognac color that has now become one of the reference points for brand lovers. Furthermore, for women bags, The Bridge introduces teal, olive green and burgundy, colors perfectly in line with the catwalks of the anticipations of next season.