Patrizia Pepe, all the news from the new F/ W 2019-20 bags collection

copertina Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe, brand excellence of the Made in Italy, has launched for the F / W 2019-20A collection of breathtaking bags and proposes models that symbolize femininity and character, capable of enriching every women’s  look with charm and taste.

An expression of an ideal of femininity and timeless beauty, Patrizia Pepe manifests through its creations a strong vitality, the same strength that is also enhanced by itas international appeal, in which the quality of the materials and the creative flair take over together with an elegant and never excessive aesthetic.

The collections, always contemporary and super modern, are characterized by a clear and recognizable style and each product is the result of a careful selection of the best textures together with the research and study of every detail, the particulars that make the difference.

The brand’s style masterpieces is directed to a modern and sophisticated woman: the brand in fact aims at an elegant, creative and curious character, who loves to be elegant without taking herself too seriously.

The new collection therefore confirms a refined and magnetic femininity, pßerfect for the woman who loves daring and playing with the delicate balance between opposites, the brand blends different shapes, lines and styles, the perfect mix that makes the models of real style gems.

A line of dynamic and captivating bags by Patrizia Pepe, which today re-proposes some must-have models that have become historical-iconic and others, instead, closely linked to this year collection, characterized by glam-chic paillettes, sparkling decorations, urban-rock piercings, shiny effects and micro-studs.

A collection that expresses the ideal synthesis of versatile shapes, fine leathers and chic details and in which the protagonist is a determined and courageous woman, with a versatile and metropolitan taste, free from any standard or diktat.

The Patrizia Pepe A / I 2019-20 bags contain a world of personality and range, from the mini version to the comfortable shopper, from the backpack to the shoulder bag, the models of the brand are the most sophisticated and cool accessory that complete every daily outfit with taste and modern design.

Must of the new collection is the new Patrizia Pepe bucket bag, with a soft and refined design, made of leather and covered with sparkling paillettes.

A versatile alternative to maxi bags: the new model of the brand is a masterpiece of style that was also among the protagonists of the Scalia Group adv campaign F / W 2019-20 on the island of Pantelleria.

A modern and functional backpack that gives “pepper” to every look and is characterized by the essential and refined design, perfect to be used in the city or as a practical accesory for the off duty occasions.

backpack Patrizia Pepe

The new leather shopping bag with maxi logo on the front of the model with contrasting colors is also comfortable and sophisticated.

With generous dimensions, functionality and contemporary allure, Patrizia Pepe doesn’t miss a beat and reinterprets with style a must-have accessory, which belongs to every woman’s wardrobe, dedicating it to the fashion victims who want to value themselves with style.

Bright colors and essential lines, the new maxi bags bring the concept of shopping to a new level and are perfect to contain everything you need for a trip out of town or for a walk in the city.

shopping bag Patrizia Pepe

The new leather shoulder bag with its micro metal-stud details, logo and chain in combination of materials is also a sophisticated accessory.

Compact, precious, ultra glam, the shoulder bags from the Italian brand are designed for those who want to bring only what is necessary to feel as free as possible, without sacrificing  a casual elegance.

Shoulder bags that become the new objects of desire of all rock-chic women and are characterized by bright, colorful and precious textures, the perfect complement for every look, from day to night.

shoulder bag Patrizia Pepe

Finally, the new Patrizia Pepe handbag in monochromatic leather, with side cords and elegant metal logo detail, is also a precious masterpeice.

Like small precious and compact chests, the new hand bags, which define every outfit with femininity, are characterized by squared shapes and rigorous design, embellished with truly original details.

 Perfect for everyday, from the occasion in the city to the business ones, they gracefully contain all the necessities that the modern and metropolitan woman always wants to take with her.

handbag Patrizia Pepe