O bag, the F/ W 2019-20 bags are a triumph of colors and textures


O bag a leading company in customization combined with the use of innovative materials, it’s a modern and revolutionary reality, whose products are designed to be composed of interchangeable accessories, perfect to satisfy the tastes and the needs of even the most pretentious.

And also for this fall-winter, the brand offers a unique and original collection, characterized by bold patterns and strong contrasts, where graphite and bordeaux are the must-have trend colors.

The O bag bags become a cult, contemporary and innovative, are characterized by their particular design and by the possibility of being personalized in every component, from the handles to the inner lining.

In fact, the Italian company produces collections of bags and fashion accessories with sustainable materials, placing within each small component all the design and creativity necessary to create an ideal product for every type of woman and style.

 The fulcrum of the company mood is the easy fashion, a transversal and intergenerational fashion able to satisfy not only the needs of those who benefit from it but also their own creativity and creativity.

The world of O bag revolves around three “O”: One, Own and Original, thus emphasizing the ability of women to create their own unique and original bag according to their tastes, creating unique and eccentric accessories.

 The bags symbol of the brand are undoubtedly the shopping bags, whose linear Form and roomy design will allow you each time to experiment and dare with a hint of extravagance that doesn’t hurt, always creating a new style based on the circumstances.

The brand therefore proposes for the passionate of the combined bags a wide range of models, which are declined in various shapes and colors, a versatile and multifaceted world, tremendously glamorous that waits to be discovered!

Among the products of the new bags collection F/W 2019-20 stands out the O Bag Urban shopping bag with a rigid body, an internal clutch and handles already included.

 How to resist to the heat and softness offered by the “fur free” faux fur edges on cold winter days, it’s impossible to resist it!
 An elegant and practical bag dedicated to creative, revolutionary, non-conformist women who live the frenetic life of the city with passion every day.

A real gem of style that gives a touch of seduction and charm to every meticulously chosen look according to the latest fashion trends.

shopper O bag

The new burgundy-effect O Bag Soft backpack with body, front flap and shoulder strap is also convenient and functional.

Urban spirit for the O ride flap model, a must-have for the most challenging moments of the day that will give some color to your daily looks.

Particular the body made of resistant rubber fabric, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, a cool backpack in which comfort and practicality are combined in a creative model that, carried on the shoulder or by hand, will become your best ally!

backpack O bag

The Duette navy clutch is also sophisticated with hand or shoulder-strap portability thanks to the chain handle and shoulder strap.

The body, which expresses the practical side and even a little cheeky, is made of rubberized fabric and thanks to the double zip this will allow you to always have on hand the accessories you use most often, such as keys and mobile phone.

The strap is also comfortable and allows the maximum freedom of movement, for example during an evening or a party.

To complete and wear it with style you can also match the long chain shoulder strap to make it even more versatile and functional.

pochette O bag

The new Urban sand shopping bag with a matelassé-effect and body in rilief stands out for its classy style and originality, a truly irresistible product.

Practical and spacious, the body will accompany you during all day, at work and in your free time and thanks to the double chain “T” leather-silver handle, the bag will become your little jewel to show.

The refinement of the chain also perfectly matches with the practicality of the long handle that you can wear on the shoulder like a comfortable shoulder strap made more comfy by the insert in eco leather or by hand for a young and casual look.

shopping bag O bag

The new Twist navy crocodile print rounded shoulder bag with long handles is also a special accessory.

 No, it isn’t a delicious macaron, nor a cocktail with an evocative name, instead we are talking about a must of the new collection of the brand, the O bag twist mini is a masterpiece of style and having it will make your outfit incredibly glamour!
 If you’re looking for a comfortable, colorful and ironic bag, you’ve found the one that’s right for you thanks to the unique shape and design that will give your looks a chic touch that is never out of fashion!

round bag O bag

Finally, the vertical shopper in sand colour with a herringbone body and fine metallic chain handles is very fashionable.

One of the most popular models between fashion bloggers, practical and capacious, the bag will give your outfits charm and modernity.

The O bag world thus offers bags and accessories that give a nod to design and color thanks to the different types of textures and patterns that blend and weave each season for decidedly unconventional tastes.

vertical shopper O bag