Save The Duck, the eco-friendly brand of down jackets loved by the web


“Save The Duck”, the 100% animal free down jacket and outerwear brand, is an idea of ​​Nicolas Bargi, an entrepreneur who is part of a third generation of textile industrialists, in order to save the planet and promote a protection of endangered animals.

An innovative piece of clothing that aims to triple the company’s turnover and grow abroad, where, althought there is a strong market competition, it has also found many approvals and consents.

Save The Duck, the most famous brand of green coats of the moment, has a carefree goose in the logo, a young and ecological concept born to protect the planet from those human activities that in recent centuries are leading to a real natural disaster.

And the brand, which literally wants to indicate the slogan “let’s save the ducks”, has been fundamental, in fact in the recent years, thanks to Bargi’s vision, a million geese destined for slaughter for fashion reasons have been saved thanks to the famous and refined Plumtech technology .

But of what are we talking about? Of a soft cotton thermal insulation technique, which is used in the padding instead of the real feather; In fact, Plumtech, compared to the traditional polyester wadding, allows to create garments with limited space, guaranteeing lightness and maximum freedom of movement.

And not only, in 2018, in fact, the brand Save The Duck creates a formidable capsule collection, where the recycled plastic collected from the ocean is used to make quilts, a sustainable and great idea that saw the boom in sales on the market .

A successful concept that has seen important collaborations, such as the one with the WWF, for which the green company has created a special edition a collection of ecological outerwear in 50 shades of color that represent every animal or natural habitat at risk of species elimination like the Orang, the Polar bear, the Tiger, the forest of Sumatra.

A rising brand that collects successes: the 5th September 2019 was a memorable day for the Italian brand that became the first fashion company in Italy to obtain the certification reserved for best performers at a social and environmental level, winning the B Corp. certification.

“We are extremely happy and proud to have obtained the B corp certification with such a high score, from the beginning we have distinguished ourselves for our attention to the environment and to society. This certification represents a further input to continue to grow and always improve more “– said Nicolas Bargi, who is the founder and CEO of Save The Duck.

The eco-friendly duvets have an excellent thermal efficiency and guaranteed comfort, sporty and metropolitan, they are perfect on damp and gloomy days and for a season full of color the brand doesn’t forget its cool side, offering a wide choice of colors pop for both her and him.

Among the men’s outerwear of the new Save the Duck collection a seasonal must-have model stands out, the padded jacket in technical fabric and gray hood, a comfortable ally on cold winter days.

Sporty and dynamic, the jacket has side pockets with hidden zips and an inner one that allows you to carry your personal effects during the daily life with safety and practicality.


piumino Save The Duck



The new padded men’s down jacket in red technical fabric with hood and double-slider zip fastening is fun and colorful.

The model, equipped with side pockets with zip, adjustable cuffs with button and rubber logo on the sleeve, is able to break the monotony of the everyday life thanks to the bright shades of which the jackets of the new Save The Duck collection are dyed.

piumino Save The Duck




Finally, the man’s down jacket in intense blue with quilted workmanship, double-slider zip closure and removable hood is decidedly trendy.

Evergreen of the season, will accompany you throughout the winter and is ideal for those who want comfort but love to keep up with the times.


piumino Save The Duck