Travelite news: original solutions for your travels


Lightness, versatility, resistance and good quality-price ratio are the characteristics that distinguish the Travelite luggage. The brand was founded in 1949 from the desire to create high quality trolleys and luggage accessories, with all the experience and attention to detail that characterize the German tradition of the sector.

Designed entirely in Germany, Travelite products are subjected to an accurate resistance test process (wheels, materials, pull-out handles), in order to offer to the final customer high quality standards.

The Travelite luggage assortment offers hardside and softside models, as well as lines dedicated entirely to travel accessories for the business world, such as garment bags or laptop Business Wheelers.
Travelite Elbe

Spearhead of Travelite is the Elbe line, made of polycarbonate: the line, which includes three sizes of luggage (large, medium and small) and a beauty case, is made of light and resistant polycarbonate, molded to obtain a refined design and which evokes manageability and durability. The medium and large luggage of the Elbe line, as well as for all hardside luggage, are expandable with zipper, a great solution for a hold luggage within which you can afford to exceed more with the contents to be stored.

Another top Travelite collection is the Airbase, which differs from Elbe for the material used: the suitcases of the line are in fact made of polycarbonate made even brighter by the insertion of metal microparticles which, thanks also to the particular striped design of the models, creates a fascinating play of light, perfect for a high-performance luggage like the Airbase.
Travelite Airbase

In addition to polypropylene and polycarbonate, Travelite offers to its customers a third solution of luggage with hard shell, made of ABS, like those form the City and Vector collections: these spinners are extremely resistant, perfect for any kind of trip, with a particular texture which allows to preserve the surface of the product from scratches.

For the lovers of the softside spinners, the German brand offers to the travelers  a great choice both in terms of color and design: each collection provides the highest standards of resistance and lightness, also including efficient and functional accessories such as bags, shoulder bags, travel and toilet kit. Among the most valuable softside spinner collections, the Crosslite line stands out, apparently with a simple and linear design, but destined to conquer the traveler for its inner equipment: opening the Travelite Crosslite luggage you will be amazed by the in-depth inner organization solutions, with transparent bag for liquids, special pocket for whites, straps on both sides and compartments for technological wiring.

Travelite NextWith an eye to the future, the already wide Travelite assortment will be further enriched thanks to the use of new materials to include in its portfolio: this is the case of the Next line, made of aluminum, or of the Proof line, made of coated fabric that allows high resistance to water and scratches.

The variety of materials, models and original solutions makes Travelite one of the top companies of the sector, especially for the possibility of purchasing (and re-purchasing) products with high quality standards, with original and extremely functional solutions, at an extremely affordable price range.