The Bridge handbags

Crazy about The Bridge shoulder bags

Among the most loved women’s handbags there is undoubtedly the shoulder bag, versatile and comfortable, suitable for any time of the day. From little messengers to clutches, shoulder bags can be declined in different shapes, colors and materials, becoming a real fashion passepartout. The secret of shoulder bags success is the chance to bring a […]

Braccialini handbags

A Mediterranean summer with Braccialini handbags

Elegant and lively, Braccialini purses often appear on magazines fashion reportages because of its skill to enrich every style conferring a chic and particular taste to the outfits displayed on glossy pages. Among the handbags chosen by the international fashion women’s magazine Velvet, stands out the Mosaico Braccialini collection: Mosaico bags combine the natural beauty […]

The Bridge

The Bridge shades of blue

For this spring/summer season The Bridge has offered a great variety of collections characterized by particular and sophisticated colors, with an elegant and urban touch. If red and yellow has been protagonists of feminine collections, the blue has seconded both men and women styles offering models with a bright and chic shades, suitable for any […]


Braccialini handbags for modern Mary Poppins

Among the biggest secrets that every woman hides, the content of her purse is surely one of those. Whether it’s a clutch, a shopper or a briefcase, women always manage to keep in this indispensable accessory their whole world. According to some semi-series theories, the content of women’s bags can reveal female emotions and passions, […]


Piquadro bags and Petriglia, a glamorous match

The collaboration between Piquadro and Giancarlo Petriglia is set to become more and more successful, as already shown by past collection where the influence of the designer has brought a bit more of glamour and fashion in addition to the functional and comfortable bags and briefcases of the brand. During the Electrochip R-Evolution event, Piquadro […]


The Bridge: quality and style

Icon of elegance and class, The Bridge is one of the leader companies in leather sector, capable to match high quality materials with the particular and sophisticated design. The Tuscan brand have indeed created a glorious marriage between made in Italy and the British style, a winning connection that last for 46 years. The The […]


The Bridge bags summer 2015 collection

The Bridge women’s bags are a real icon of femininity and elegance, perfect for the woman who love wear prestigious accessories giving a sophisticated touch to its style. For the spring/summer 2015 season, The Bridge offers a collection of handbags characterized by liveliness and typical summer colors, perfect for a classy wardrobe also for the […]


Piquadro backpacks spring summer 2015: comfort, style and design

In the last few years backpacks have stopped having a school character to conquer instead career men and women, who find this accessory the perfect companion of working days. This trends born to the need to carry comfortably all everyday objects in all circumstances and by all kind of transport: for this reason, professional backpacks […]


he Mediterranean taste of spring summer 2015 Braccialini Temi collection

Precious and original, Braccialini handbags of Temi collection are real works of art, made with the highest standards of quality and design. The “Temi” world means themes, subjects, emphasizing the brand’s projects of producing purses with shapes derived from common (or not!) items. Temi collection is the maximum representation of the fantasy world of Braccialini […]


Samsonite Firelite collection

Samsonite Firelite belong  to the luggage family made in Curv material, the result of a polypropylene production system entirely conceived in Europe after detailed studies upon new resistant and flexible materials. Firelite trolleys are different than Cosmolite collection because the shape and the innovative waterproof zipper closure, which prevents water infiltrations inside the luggage. From […]