New Guess women’s bags collections

Good morning and welcome to our meeting with the fashion world. Today we are going to talk about Guess handbags and purses, well known for their versatile style perfect for every feminine wardrobe. Guess bags offers a wide range of handbags and purses, all characterized by the typical urban glamour of the brand. Both classy […]

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Samsonite spinner around the world #2

Spinner Samsonite’s trip around the world continue: trusted adventure companion, Samsonite luggage offers a wide range of models, that allows a humorous match between world capitals and suitcases. Samsonite spinner of Cosmolite collection at Rome For the eternal city the strength of the Samsonite luggage is perfect: Samsonite spinner of Cosmolite collection is at the […]

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Samsonite spinner around the world #1

Summer holidays are coming and daydreams about new travel destinations are starting to become reality. Among the destinations favored by vacationers stand out the major world capitals, embodying new and exciting attractions, cultures and interests. Each capital is different, as well as the baggage that most suits it. No doubt that spinner are perfect for […]

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Guess handbags s/s 2015 Delaney new collection

Shopper bags are a must in every woman’s wardrobe: comfortable, simple but sophisticated, shopping bags are the faithful companion of work and free time. Plain colored, fancy, big or small, no one can resist the charm of a versatile but glamorous at the same time handbag. Speaking of versatility and glamour it’s impossible not mention […]

Samsonite Cosmolite trolley

Samsonite Cosmolite spinner collection

A journey has many meanings: there are those who travel for work, those who travel to discover new horizons and possibilities, those who want a relaxing holidays and travelers who want to come back home. Whatever your type of journey is, there’s always a partner that follows you everywhere: his name is Samsonite. Samsonite carry […]


Around the world with a Samsonite suitcases

The name Samsonite reminds travel, adventure, exploration. The iconic brand of luggage side us in our journeys for years, whether for work as a business trip or pleasure, as a nice vacation in an exotic location. As always, the brand offers trolley for every need, and perfect for every experience. From comfortable and relaxing escapes […]

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American Tourister suitcase: colorful deals!

Among the factors that influence the choice of a suitcase, the color is one of the most important elements: as well as the baggage performance, indeed, shades play an important role, which make the suitcase more or less recognizable and representative. About this topic, it’s impossible do not refer to American Tourister suitcases, whose collections […]

Professional backpacks

Professional backpacks: a must have

One of the most important fashion news of the moment concerns international politics: during the last diplomatic meetings the main European leaders have been photographed with backpacks. Professional backpacks are nowadays used to enrich formal suits, even in institutional meetings: a perfect example of this trend is Matteo Renzi, whose passion for casual clothing is […]

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Samsonite: the art of travel lightly

What does it mean to travel? This is the theme of the new Samsonite video titled Travel lighter to go further, greeting the hot season pointing the beauty of the journey and the taste of the travel, regardless of destination. The video, shot between Thailand and Venice, shows scene of dreamy and heavenly journeys, having […]

Guess collections

Toronto Film Festival with the Guess style

This year too Guess has actively participated at the Toronto International Film Festival with its Guess Portrait Studio, a space where celebrities could show their outfits before movie premieres. The Tiff is the most important Canadian film festival, at the thirty-seventh edition: at the end of the traditional ten days of movie premieres, viewers vote […]