The perfect bag for the summer: style tips!

In questo periodo, però, il mare è un pensiero ricorrente, quindi ecco una breve panoramica con consigli e suggerimenti di borse donna estive ideali per una vacanza al mare, dove giocare con colori e abbinamenti è ancor più divertente!


10 Fashion Blogger to follow in 2019

The fashion blogging today has become a consolidate phenomenon, and the fashion blogger are real reference points not only in the fashion sector, but also for beauty and lifestyle generally. The advice and point of views of the blogger in the meantime have become indispensable for everyone who loves fashion, and loves to let inspire […]


The red bag: tips for a perfect party look

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an accessory of small size, slightly larger or absolutely more comfortable, the important thing is to respect the tradition and what is more traditional if not the red worn at Christmas ?!