The red bag: tips for a perfect party look

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an accessory of small size, slightly larger or absolutely more comfortable, the important thing is to respect the tradition and what is more traditional if not the red worn at Christmas ?!


What is the perfect registered baggage? Let’s find out together!

Today, we’ve decided to present you five solutions to help you choose your ideal baggage since, very often, the problem is not just doing the suitcase but also which suitcase to choose. Soft, rigid and semi-rigid, more or less large, made in the most diverse materials, what is the perfect baggage? Let’s find out together!


The charm of the total black

It is absolutely the most used color, the one that saves us from the risk of a wrong match, an evergreen that never goes out of fashion. Again, no coincidence, the total black confirms its self as one of the most trendy colors in the autumn / winter 2017-2018 collections of the most prominent fashion designers.