The Bridge prestigious gift ideas

Whatever the occasion or the recipient of the gift, The Bridge offers a wide range of ideas, all characterized by quality and elegance of design, for a thought that will not be forgotten


Rimowa Electronic Tag

Among the hi-tech revolutions of luggage world stands Rimowa Electronic Tag, a proper tool conceived to shorten the long waiting times at the airport. The German company, symbol of luxury all around the world, devoted to his customers a new way to live travel procedures, limiting inconveniences that may arise in the pre-boarding time.


Business fashion: briefcase or backpack

Who needs to buy a work bag, where you can put all your documents and everything you need to tackle a working day you will decide to choose between backpack and briefcase. The preference does not depend only from your personal tastes but also by a series of assessments on the technical specifications of both products.


The perfect luggage for camping

The versatility of a suitcase is one of the main strengths that an accessory of this kind can have: independently of traveler’s need or the destination, more equipped will be the luggage, more pleasant will be the travel experience itself.


Travel light: the businessman luggage

Often the weight of business traveler’s luggage is affected by electronic items and documents, making necessary bringing the essential in order to restrict the weight of the rest of the suitcase content.