How to store the bags in the wardrobe

How to store the bags in the wardrobe

The storage of the bags on the inside of the wardrobe is a typical problem, that appears with every change of the seasons, and one thinks about the correct way not only how to arrange in the right way the favorite accessories, but also how to preserve them during longer times that one doesn’t use them because of the wrong season.

This type of doubt affects not only the women, but also the men who own business briefcases or backpack, that often are made of leather and need a particular cure.

Organize the wardrobe

To arrange the bags for every day on the inside of the wardrobe, there are different commercial solutions, to use as an inspiration or to modify in base of the typologies of the bag that one wants to preserve. The first thing to do in every case is to decide which space to use for the bags within the wardrobe or in an angle of the room, to always find at the first sight the perfect bag for the daily outfit.

Keep the bag in the dust bag

Dust bag
Dust bag
The first thing to consider is that the accessory always has to be stored on the inside of its own dust bag, that like the name already foreshadows helps to protect the bag from dust, but also from light and scratches. If your bag doesn’t own an appropriate dust bag, it suffices to use a fabric bag without zip or metallic elements to prevent the possibility of scratches or rust stains. To use a plastic bag is definitely not recommended, because it doesn’t give the possibility of transpiration and could cause bad smells. This suggestions are valid both for leather bags as also for bags made of fabric or synthetic leather, because outer influences could damage some types of materials.

Add the right shelves for the bags

On the inside of the wardrobe there can be placed rectangular shelves, extricable or stackable, where to put the bags in a secure place with the right protection. If there is instead a longish place available, a clothes rail can be equipped with some dividers made of fabric to hang up, a space saving solution to maintain also the upper part of the wardrobe in perfect order. If there is a lot of space available, one can also use clothes boxes: this option is highly recommended to store the bags during the season in which one doesn’t use them. In this case they are not particularly visible, but the more neatly ones could also think about sticking a picture of the bag on the right box to always know which on is on the inside.

Also in this case, obviously, there are a lot of do-it-yourself solutions, that prevent to fix hooks on the inside of the wardrobe, but also on the wall or behind the door: a solution for a higher number of bags could be to fix a strap or a cord on a distance of 50 cm, to make it possible to hang up bags with the help of a single hook.

To every type of bag the right system

wardrobeLike already briefly foreshadowed, the arrangement of the bags depends also of the typology of the accessory we are talking about. For the evening or ceremony bags are recommended small boxes or a shelf to prevent that they could be squeezed and loose form or precious details. Aside of this a closed box helps to prevent the oxidation of the metallic elements (that are very frequent within this types of accessories). Instead the shopping bag can be suspended with a hook or clothes hanger, like also small backpacks thanks to the top handle, while for the briefcases and business bags, that normally have firm handles there should be preferred a solution that keeps them arranged on the ground to prevent that the bag’s weight deforms the handles.

Conserve also the businessbags

For the organization of the inside of the wardrobe, the Business bags need the same attention and cure as the casual bags for the free time. The only difference applies to the dimensions and typology of portability: the business bags have a high capacity and are developed to contain documents and portable computer, thus they need precise dimensions and also the right inner organization of the compartments. Because of this reasons it is definitely not recommended to store the business bags in a way that could fold or crinkle them or that could squeeze them under the weight of other stuff. Especially the often padded inner compartments risk to be squashed and loose their forms, but also their principal function.

Prepare the bags for the seasonal change

For the organization of the bags in occasion of the seasonal change there are no precise rules to follow, it depends a lot on the type of organization that one wants to give to the accessories and on the type of material that they are made of.

Aside of the indispensable dust bag we already talked about, it is also helpful to pad the bags with some paper to prevent that the form could be squeezed during the months that the bag is out of use. This hint fits also to the bags that we use during the whole year, especially for those particularly delicate that are not used every day.

Another small clue we want to give you applies to the maintenance of the bag’s leather, that should be cured not only in case of damages or stains, but also to conserve it for longer periods. In this case it is not necessary to use specific products, it is enough to use a microfiber cloth with some cleanser and softly rub it long the bag’s surface. In this way the accessories leather results bright and hydrated to limit creases and sharp bends over time.

Following this small hints the lovers of bags (or simply of organization!) will find it easy to cure their favorite accessories, while following the correct conservation over time as also the basic maintenance in one step. This elements contribute to maintain all the bags even better and longer.