What to pack for a beach holiday

Beach Holiday
The holidays are coming and after choosing the destination it is necessary to pick the luggage that suits to every type of journey and traveler.
For the summer the favorite destinations are those at the sea, that often promise absolutely relaxing moments between the sea and the nature.

Choose of the luggage

A destination at the sea during the summer season doesn’t imply the choice of particularly voluminous or warm clothes, thus the idea is: traveling with light luggage! Choosing a luggage of smaller dimensions and of a lower weight for the sea is comfortable for different motives: if you are traveling by plane, it is easier to respect the prescriptions of weight and dimensions of the low cost airline companies. If you are traveling instead with other means of transport, you should not forget about the fact that the best seaside resorts are isolated from the large streets for cars and trains, thus traveling with less weight makes the transport of the luggage easier, not only during the drive, but also while walking to the apartment or hotel! Particularly when traveling to an island, where it often is not possible to drive a car it is fundamental to bring small and light luggage, to not arrive already exhausted at the destination.

After this generic idea, one has to choose between a small suitcase or a travel bag, following to the preferences of the traveler. A small suitcase is more comfortable for the transport and also for the organization of the luggage’s content. A travel bag instead results more useful in case of traveling to more adventourus places like camping sites or isolated island and allow to use at its best the space inside the luggage, especially in case of minimal contents like bathing costume, bathing trunks or beach towels.

vacanza mareChoose of the travel accessories

During a beach holiday the travel accessories make the difference and are fundamental to organize at its best the luggage’s content, that based on the destination can include accessories, clothing and smaller objects.

Makeup bag

Indispensable for the women is a case for makeup: even if the beach holidays prevents a more natural style based on water and soap, the makeup bag is fundamental to contain the makeup for everyday, like also the accessories for the hair like hair ties, bobby pins and hair clips, that are fundamental at the sea. If it is waterproof and of small dimensions, the makeup case can become a faithful companion to keep on the inside of the bag during the whole day, to be always and at every moment of the day prepared for a litlle refresh.

All-round Clutch

Different from the makeup case because of the dimensions and materials, the all-round clutch allows to preserve the smallest objects like jewelry, small accessories and also battery chargers to have all objects on the inside of one single container, to prevent that they are getting lost inside the suitcase. Especially in case of holidays at the sea the all-round clutch results indispensable to protect its content from drained off sunscreen or oils.

Hermetic containers

The hermetic containers like small jars or flask are useful for the holidays at the sea and give the possibility to bottle shampoo or shower gel in the appropriate dosage for the length of the stay. The plastic bags to contain liquids are also important to prevent undesired drain offs of the sunscreens and oils, that we already talked about before.
It is obvious, that this type of accessory in the transparent variation of 100cm is indispensable for traveling by airplane after the norms for the transport of liquids provided for the hand luggage.

Casing for laundry or shoes

Fundamental for every type of journey the casings for laundry or shoes become even more important during the beach holidays, where the possibility to need to put clothes or shoes inside the luggage, that by now aren’t perfectly dried. To prevent the arise of smells inside of the luggage thus it is important to have hermetic cases or at least those with a waterproof closure.

The perfect accessory while traveling: backpack or beach bagBorsa mare

Aside from the necessary objects to bring on a journey, it is also useful to put a bag or backpack in the suitcase, where to preserve indispensable daily objects. During the day at the sea the beach bag fits perfectly to contain bathing costume, beach towel, books or sunscreen, especially if the bag is equipped with small pockets or a clutch on the inside where to store smartphone, sun glasses or other small accessories.
For small excursions or even for those who love to go to the sea in a more sportive look, also the backpack can be very important, thanks to the possibility to carry it around on the shoulders within all circumstances: the backpack results particularly useful in the case of a trip in town, in nature or to one of the hidden bays full of rocks, where the convenience of a bag transported on the shoulders while not having nothing in the hands or on the arm becomes fundamental and prerogative.

What can’t be missing during the beach holidays: hints and advice

Once chosen the right luggage and travel accessories that fit to your type of holiday, you have to choose what to put inside! Following you can find a small list of useful and sometimes indispensable objects.
Electric torch, K-Way, luggage cover or backpack cover and umbrella are only some of the useful objects in case of critical situations like heavy rains or thunderstorms; additional underwear and bathing costume, some clothes and light Flip-Flops to keep in the hand luggage are the perfect solution to save your holiday in case that the suitcase gets lost or when the booked room is not ready yet (and instead the will to go to the beach is even stronger!); last but not least a small kit with gerneric and specific medicine for insect bites or burns, that can save an awkward moment during a day at the beach.

Like one can easily find out with this article, the preparation of the luggage needs the right organization, and depending on the destination one suitcase or accessory fits better than another. Summing up the indispensable for a beach holiday, one needs a practical and light luggage, to comfortably contain not only clothes, but a lots of accessories and flasks: the hermetic and waterproof variation is the key, like also the usage of clutches and cases for every occasion.